Sunday, May 24, 2009

Elder and Sister Cook

We had a delightful evening at the McQuinn's home with them and Elder and Sister Cook.   Elder Richard Cook was the first mission president in Mongolia in 1995 and he is currently working with the Perpetual Education fund and Sister Mary Cook is currently serving in the General Young Women Presidency.  Listening to their stories about their experiences in the wild frontier of the mid 1990s in Mongolia was delightful, enlightening, and testimony building.

They said the people in Mongolia are sweet, humble and giving.  Also, the early converts in Mongolia were so pleased to be members of the Church would number themselves as to when they were baptized.  "I'm number eleven (convert)," etc.  

They told us about the miracle of finding the amazing Batbold who has been a blessing over the years to many who have served in Mongolia.  Upon arriving in Mongolia the Cooks needed transportation and even though the Church would eventually provide a car, it would take many weeks until one could arrive in Mongolia and the Cooks had immediate transportation needs.  In order to solve this problem, Elder Cook simply approached a van on the street and asked the driver for a ride.  The driver, whose name is Batbold, agreed.  Elder Cook then asked him if he could hire drive him that day and then that week and then another week.  Again, Batbold agreed.  Finally, Batbold told Elder Cook, he couldn't drive anymore because he had been using his brother's van and his brother needed it, but that he would really like to work for him.  So, Elder Cook hired Batbold to do some handy-man work for them until he was able to arrange for a car--at which time Batbold again became their driver.  When in need, the Lord will provide.

The Cooks said that Batbold is a caring, serving, giving person.  He took the missionary lessons and, eventually, was baptized.  He has been a blessing to many.  We are looking forward to meeting him!

On the lighter side, Sister Cook told about a Mongolian girl who told her American friend that she was really excited because when she got home that day, she was going to get her horse.
The friend replied, "Wow!  That is really exciting! Where are you going to keep it?"
The Mongolian girl replied, "In the freezer box on my balcony."

I'll write more later.


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  1. Wow, that's so neat you got to meet with them. You're going to be so prepared! I can't wait to hear about your experiences and about the Mongolians you meet and serve. I hope you'll never have to eat some horse, though. : / Yikes!