Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Response to Clark's e-mail

Re: Hello from Mongolia‏
From:Richard Lasson (richardlasson@yahoo.com)
Sent:Mon 5/11/09 10:23 PM
To:Bill & Kathy Clark (clarkaty@gmail.com)
Dear Elder and Sister Clark,
It was great to hear from you.  We have heard some great things about you.  We are very excited to come to Mongolia and have been busy trying to learn some of the language.  We are attending language training at the MTC 3 days a week for 2-hour sessions.  It's fun and quite challenging.  We have met many people who have been to Mongolia and have a Mongolian trainer at the MTC--Sarah Batbold.  She was converted to the Church in Mongolia, served a mission in Ohio, went back to Mongolia and served as the mission secretary, then came to BYU.  She is studying accounting and just last Saturday married a fine young man from St. George, Utah in the St. George temple.  He husband is an accountant and is studying for his CPA.  Sarah's mother and her aunt and uncle (who are not members) have come over for the wedding and are staying a month.  They are having a great time.  We will get to meet them on May 25th.   I'm sure we will visit them in Mongolia as well.  We are also being trained by a couple of returned missionaries from Mongolia who know the language really well.  They have been very helpful.  They are Elder Kurt Schneider and Elder Kuntz.  They both know you, but Elder Schneider knows you the best.  He talked of a time when he walked up to one of the ger districts with you.
We have been learning a lot about the country.  We had a nice phone call from Mike Nolan that was very helpful.  We had the Soderbergs over for an evening and saw their pictures, then we had the Borans over for an evening, then we spent an evening with the Nelsons, who were country directors before the Borans.  We are also scheduled to spend and evening with Elder and Sister Cook, who served as the first mission president in Mongolia.  We also heard from the Andersons who are serving in eastern Mongolia.  Sister Anderson is a high school classmate of mine.  All this is really getting us really excited to come.  We are looking forward to meeting you and learning all we can from you in the short time we will have before we leave for home.  Please let us know anything special that we should bring to Mongolia and things you think we don't need to bring.  That would be very helpful.
Richard and Carol Lasson

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