Sunday, August 9, 2009

Luke's Haircutting Ceremony

Our first amazing experience was Luke's Hair Cutting Ceremony that we were invited to on our second day in Mongolia. Mongolians don't cut a little boy's hair until he turns two. We were told it was was for "gender protection." It's quite a ceremony and we were thrilled to be invited. The big mound on the table is mutton, which we thought tasted pretty good. The table looked very festive. Aunts and uncles, grandparents, cousins, and friends poured into the modest home. We were all served hot salted milk, a type of potato salad, dried fruit, fresh fruit, candy and sodas. The next course consisted of a mutton stew with a slice of mutton fat. The big cake-looking object was piled high with dried milk curd and sugar cubes. Part of the ceremony was to drink fermented mare's milk, which our mission president, President Anderson, said is part of the Mongolian culture and okay for members to drink. So we had to taste. Only one taste was enough for me! It was really potent. During the celebration, each person took a turn to cutting off a lock of the Luke's hair, after which the person who cut presented Luke with a small gift or some money. We felt very lucky to be able to attend this event. It really helped us to feel a part of the culture.


  1. Also, I have a friend from high school, Chris Miller, who served in Russia. He read my blog, which gives an update about you two, and said the following, "Hey Karie...very interesting to hear about your parents. I spent 4 packed days in Ulaanbaatar at the end of my mission before boarding a Trans-Siberian train. Your parents are in for quite the adventure." Just what you asked for, Dad! :)

  2. That sounds and looks really cool! I can't wait to read about more of your adventures.

  3. Hi Carol and Richard. What a sweet experience. I am sure you will have many occasions that you will want to share with all of us and I will be anxious to hear them. Love you, MOM

  4. Hi Carol and Richard.
    WOW! We were so sorry we couldn't attend your farewell. But we are thrilled to read and share your adventure with you. Those lucky Mongolians! I'm certain you are both already beloved. Your Spirits shine so brightly. Thanks for sharing your angel Karie with us! Love you.

  5. If any one can make a huge difference in the lives of these people it's you Carol and Richard! We miss you in the ward but are so very proud of you and pray for you. What an interesting ceremony!
    Thank you so much for serving!
    Lot's of Love,
    the van Dijk's

  6. How truly amazing that Heavenly father knows where to send the right persons for the right work. My heart swells with every sentence and every picture reminds me of how much love and care the people of this far away land will be receiving from such amazing missionaries. As a convert I am so very exited to know that the call to serve is answered every day by people with such passion and desire to serve others, and bring hope to all those around them. As a friend, brother, and at times the love you showed a son, I am so very happy and exited for this great chapter in your life, the called has been answered and what a privilege I get to share in your journey.....

    With much love,