Monday, October 12, 2009

Wheelchair Ceremony at the Children's Palace

Partnering with the Red Cross, we held our wheelchair ceremony at the Children’s Palace on September 29, 2009.   The Red Cross put up a huge banner announcing their 50th anniversary.  They arranged for 27 recipients to receive their wheelchairs.  The event was special with red roses for the dignitaries, a special musical number performed by a man who had no legs at all, wonderful speeches by Church leaders, Elder Lasson, and the leader of the Red Cross, and Soyolmaa presented a statue called the “Hands of Friendship” to the leader of the Red Cross in Mongolia.  It was touching to see the people being helped and sometimes lifted into their wheelchairs by handsome LDS missionaries.  We had amazing media coverage.  We saw news reports of the wheelchair ceremony on three TV stations.  One of them was a national Mongolian TV station.  It was really fun to be on Mongolian TV.

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  1. We have been following each adventure you have had in Mongolia and have loved every wonderful minute of reading your blog! What an amazing work you are doing, Elder and Sister Lasson, as instruments in the hands of the Lord!! Can you hear us cheering for you all the way from Bountiful, Utah?!?!