Monday, November 2, 2009

The Lady in the Purple Hat

It was getting late, and we were ready to leave Zuun-Kharaa for home, however, Elder Lasson wanted to find the lady in the purple hat who have given him the white scarf when he presented her with a wheelchair at the Wheelchair Ceremony with the Red Cross.  He hadn’t had a chance to thank her for it and he really wanted to.  We thought about just going home and calling her to tell her that we would visit her during our next time in Zuun Kharaa, however, Elder Lasson felt strongly that we should go see her.  A return missionary, who was with us and who is the only return missionary from Zuun Kharaa, guided us to her apartment.  As we entered her home, we found out she had heard we were coming to Zuun-Kharaa and had been waiting for us all day.  We didn’t even know that she knew we were going to be in town. However she found out, and was delighted to see us.  She presented each of us:  Soyolmaa, Elder Lasson and me with a white scarf of honor. She and her family had prepared a spread of lovely food for us.   She giggled as she hosted us and many times told us how excited she was that we had come.  Then her son and daughter-in-law served us buutz, which is a national food that is like a meatball steamed in a wonton-like shell.   As we left, from her balcony, she waved a hearty good-by to us.

It was a long ride back home, and we didn’t arrive until about 11:00 p.m., but we were really glad we had taken the time to stop and visit the wheelchair lady in Zuun Kharaa.

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  1. That's the sweetest story! Way to listen to the Spirit, Dad!