Monday, November 23, 2009

Swine Flu Is Still Rampant

 The swine flu is still a major concern here in Mongolia.  Schools and church, etc.  have been closed for two weeks.  We will be going back to teaching English classes at our English locations, but no school for elementary school children, no regular church meetings in the Church and no teaching English in the church for at least another two weeks.  


  1. We hope that you are well and, hopefully, vaccinated for Swine Flu. I have been giving H1N1 vaccinations for the last month, first to our medical staff, and now, to the public who qualify. The restrictions are tight, but the furor has died down considerably. I can imagine that there is great concern in a country such as Mongolia, especially for the children, youth, and expectant mothers. We pray for you and your adopted people and the great work in which you are engaged... Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. You must have been hit hard. In our area a few people have gotten it, but it has been mild and no cancelations of anything. They won't give us the vacination were too old and healthy.

  3. The quarantine for the flu has been over a couple of weeks. It's great to be back to normal life again.