Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another Wheelchair Day

January 7, 2010

Today was another amazing wheelchair day.  We delivered five DIC wheelchairs to a small Khoroo clinic in Khan-Uul District's 7th Khoroo.  Several people were waiting for us.  One was a 59-year-old man who had experienced a stroke.  He only had partial use of his body.  As his son and some of the hospital workers helped him into his new wheelchair, he just cried and cried.  It was a really touching thing to see him so grateful for his new wheelchair.

Later, we held a wheelchair ceremony at Bayanzurkh building where we gave away 23 DIC wheelchairs to needy individuals and 9 more to a Khoroo who will deliver the chairs to people in the countryside. 

One woman was picking up a wheelchair for her sister.  When we presented her the wheelchair, she sobbed and sobbed.  It really stuck me because I could just imagine how grateful I would be if it were my sister in need of a wheelchair. 

One man took the microphone and shouted praises to us for his new wheelchair. 
And one man offered to have us smell his snuff bottle.  Which I think is an honor.  I just pretended (just in case). One wheelchair recipient is a young man who is a member of the Church and who is also going to school on a PEF loan.  He was thrilled with his new wheelchair.

I wish all of the members of the Church who donate to the LDS Humanitarian fund could experience just one of these moments.  They would want to give to it for the rest of their lives.  I know we do.

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