Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ninety-nine Year Old Woman Was Baptized

We had the privilege of attending Davanjarjaal's baptism.  She is a ninety-nine year old woman with a sweet sparkle.

She received a wheelchair from DIC this year and up until then, she wasn't a member of the Church, so during Church one of her family, who were all members of the Church, would stay home from Church with her to keep her company.  One day she said, "There's no reason for anyone to stay home now; why don't you just take me with you, then no one will have to stay home."  So they did, she felt the Spirit, asked for missionaries to teach her, and decided to be baptized.

She told her daughter, "I want to get it right before I die."

It was really a special baptism and after she bore her testimony and said that she was glad she had been baptized.


  1. Quelle joie de voir l' Eglise grandir dans ce beau pays de Mongolie !!
    Quel courage pour cette soeur agée de changer sa vie !!
    Je me sens très proche de ce peuple , au souvenir de tant de gentillesse envers la simple touriste que j' étais lors de mon passage chez eux ...il y a de cela longtemps ....
    Que notre Père bénisse ce merveilleux pays !
    Une soeur de France :Bernadette lacombe

  2. What a sweet experience. I love the smile on her face, as well as the smile on both Carol and Richard's faces as they congratulate the little Mongolian lady. How tender. MOM

  3. Your blog is very, very inspiring. Thank you for your service and for sharing your stories.

  4. Wow that is amazing. She looks like such a happy lady. I'm glad she was able to get baptized. It's so fun to see what you are doing.

  5. Isn't this a small world. I can't read French, so I e-mailed Bernadette lacombe's comments to Chintuya who is attending BYU Hawaii and majored in Mongolia in French translation. She quickly translated it and sent it back to me. She said:

    Dear Sister Lasoon, I would love to do this for you :-)
    Here it is:
    What a great happiness to see the Church is growing in this beautiful country of Mongolia!!
    What a great passion that this elderly sister changed her life!!
    I felt very close to these people when I visited in their home, I will remember their kindness to the ordinary tourist who was me...it has been long time since I felt this way...
    May our Father bless this wonderful country!
    A Sister from France: Bernadette Lacombe

    Thank you, Chintuya and Bernadette. We feel the same way about Mongolia! It is a wonderful country and the people are wonderful, too!