Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Chinggis Khaan Statue and the 13th Century Park--Senior Couples' Outing

Approximately 50 kilometers outside of Ulaanbaatar, we visited a 13th Century Park. It is built on the site of one of Chinggis Khaan's (Chinggis King) encampments. We joined with all of the senior couples in Mongolia as well as with President and Sister Andersen for a trip to the 13th Century Park and then an overnight stay in a ger camp where we rode horses and enjoyed Mongolian cusine.

Sheering Sheep
13th Century Entertainment


  1. WOW. Looks like you are having a wonderful time! Amazing that you are 1/2 way across the world and can send us all these wonderful photos and vidoes!
    Love you

  2. That is true, I know this is really Mongolia.

  3. What an adventure you had with your Senior Couples as you visited the Statue and had an overnight in a Ger. Your costumes are charming. Love you, MOM