Sunday, September 5, 2010

Four New Missionaries from America

We were exited to meet the four new missionaries from America who arrived in Mongolia this week.

After the fireside tonight, we snapped a quick photo of two of the new arrivals who were at the fireside, Elder Wilson and Elder Jolley. Elder Etgel, who is Elder Wilson's companion, is in the middle and said that standing between them makes him feel short.

Elder Wilson and Elder Etgel are in the branch we attend, Khailaast. Elder Wilson bore his testimony in Mongolian today and did a great job.

Elder Jolley sends a "Hello" to all of his friends and family!

On Monday on the sidewalk in front of the Bayanzurkh church building, we spotted Elder Reeve (on the right). He is excited to be here in Mongolia, but already twisted his ankle playing basketball (note the wrap on his ankle). He appears to be okay and in good spirits!
A little later we spotted Elder Huff who was already hard at enjoying his first P-day. His Mongolian companion recently returned from serving in the Boise, Idaho mission and thinks it's quite a coincidence that Elder Huff is also from Idaho.

Teaching many hours of English and trying to learn Mongolian at the same will be quite a challenge for these four missionaries, but they appear to be up to the challenge, and we're sure they will be blessed for their efforts and Mongolia will be blessed to have them here.

Welcome aboard!

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