Saturday, December 18, 2010

Welcome to Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mission's New Mission President

Sister and President Jay D. Clark at the door of the Mission Home
President Powell welcomes President Clark!

President and Sister Clark visiting Deseret International Charities' Office

Elder Reeve gives President and Sister Clark a thumbs up!


  1. They look a little like the Fords! Glad you have a full staff again. (Whatever that means).

  2. President and Sister Clark, I'm glad to see you are both well. The lives you touch in Mongolia will be blessed because of your testimony of the Gospel, your service and love. We have missed you. Mapleton is never the same without the Clark's. Emmie Comer (8th Ward)

  3. Dear President Clark. I am writing this because I don't really understand your recent action. My brother, planning to study ESL at BYU, went to meet you for an interview re Honor of Conduct (1 page doc), one requirement of the application. I had to prepare all application docs for my brother because he does not know English much.But you sent him back saying that he has to know more, read about dressing code etc. But why could not you explain to him or ask your translator explain the 5 sentences about how to dress - it is not difficult at all, considering us to come back to you again again, when these days especially in UB it is-really time consuming to go back and forth -time, traffic jam etc. Law of chastity etc - it would have been much easier if your translator could just explain what it is in one sentence, that is all, - he does not have to know all of terms. As you may have noticed he is very humble person, as anybody on the street could notice, especially you as a religious person I hoped. Also that day was deadline of applications and the only missing doc from our application. I work abroad for 12 hrs a day, I just really can't spend my last energy on smt that i was sure most on earth.

  4. Dear Jess,

    It sounds like there has been an unfortunate misunderstanding. I enjoyed very much meeting your brother and I think that he will enjoy BYU very much. When we met, I learned that he hadn't read, completed, or signed the form which I invited him to do (with our help) so I could fax it to BYU. If he had already applied to BYU, the endorsement page could be added to his application. If his application was not yet on file, the endorsement page might not have a place to go. When I asked him if there was a deadline for the endorsement or if he had already applied to BYU, he didn't seem to know but said that he planned to attend BYU this fall.

    As for the honor and dress code, I'm concerned by your statement "it would have been much easier if your translator could just explain what it is in one sentence, that is all, - he does not have to know all of terms." We take the honor and dress code seriously. I would have been happy to have read and explained it to him in detail at that appointment. Since he was unfamiliar with it, he needed more time to consider what he would be committing to. We had a number of translators to assist him. I didn't know he would leave the building. I'm truly sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. Can we still get it done?

    Kind regards,
    President Clark

  5. Dear President Clark. thank you for writing your response, and time and thought you have given to that. Everything is now fine, and i also hope everything is good with you. Hope you continue to enjoy Mongolia