Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Concert by Stake and District Choir

On Christmas day, Christmas music filled the chapel at the Bayanzurkh building sung by the combined UB West Stake and UB East District Choir.  The choir had practiced for weeks to be ready for this spectacular performance.  The narration was in Mongolian, but most of the songs were sung in beautifully in English.  Two performances were held to standing-room-only audiences.

The concert showcased Sister Buted singing the beautiful "Ava Maria" with the choir as her back-up singers.
Following two performances at the Bayanzurkh building, the choir performed in the Chinggis Khaan Hotel lobby to an appreciative audience.


  1. Wow! It sounds like a beautiful experience. I'm sure it gave everyone a big boost of the Christmas Spirit.

  2. Just thought I would share with you about what a small world this is. I am Doreen Thomas Sorensen. My sister is Tracy Thomas - Dave's girlfriend. I am from Rexburg Idaho. My Best friends son is Elder Huff. He is a great person. (like the rest of his family) His younger sisters have stayed at Tracy's house while attending EFY. What a great mission to serve in. you are in on the beginning of the gospel in that country.