Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mormon Helping Hands (Young Single Adults) Help Deseret International Charities Unload A Shipment of Wheelchairs

Another shipment of 250 wheelchairs arrived on Monday, but didn't clear Customs that day.  Yesterday was a holiday in Mongolia, Women's Day, and most people were off work, so, today we received a phone call from Nasanbat at FASCO shipping who told us that we should plan to unload the wheelchairs today at 4:30 p.m.  Elder and Sister Clark rounded up a group of Young Single Adults to help us and we headed to the storage container.  

Most of the Young Single Adults, who were ready to unload the wheelchairs

Having fun waiting for the truck to arrive!

DIC's partner for this shipment is the Labor and Social Welfare Service Department of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Labor, so they are providing the storage unit for these wheelchairs.  It's by the Welfare Center.

Even though we had to wait awhile before the semi arrived, we laughed and visited with the YSA.  They were cheerful and had a great time.

Mormon Helping Hands are excited to see the semi arriving

Ready to unload!

Before long,  someone spotted the big semi come to a stop on the street in front of the Welfare Center.  The road going down into the center had a steep drop off.  On Monday, it was a sheet of ice, but the weather had warmed up enough that the ice had melted.  It was still muddy, but not so slippery.  Today was the first day in months that it hasn't been covered with ice.  It was a beautiful spring day here in Mongolia today with a high of 25 degrees and a low of 3 degrees Fahrenheit.  What a break!  It still took some pretty skillful maneuvering for the semi to pull down the embankment to the storage unit, but the driver did a great job and soon had his rig safely down the hill. 

Just as the shipment arrived, the pizza we had ordered for our helpers arrived, but no one thought of eating, they just pitched in and started unloading the wheelchairs.  The wheelchairs practically flew out of the container and into the storage unit.  It was fun to see young people enjoying service and having a great time doing it.

Elder Clark came, too.  He
 didn't want to miss the "Party"

When the 250 wheelchairs, and several boxes of crutches, canes, and walkers were safely stored, we pulled out the pizza and drinks.  The workers at the Welfare Center invited us into the building and out of the cold to eat our pizza, so we were happy to share our pizza with them.

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