Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saying Farewell to Mongolia


President D. Allen Andersen, who was our first mission president, told us to enjoy the people we love before we go home.  It was good advice.  We wish we had been better able to take his advice because there are many people we love and care about in Mongolia. We did what we could to enjoy them, but our last day in Mongolia came sooner than we could believe. "Warning; dates on the calendar are closer than they appear." We were saddened that we hadn't been able to say good-bye to some of our dear friends and associates before we left.  

We wish the very best to our replacements, James and Anna Richardson. We hope they will grow to love Mongolia and the people as much as we did.

We knew our mission would eventually come to an end, but we were still sad to wake up one morning and realize it was over.  

The following are photos of some of the good friends we made in Mongolia.  Unfortunately, there are some we were not able to include.

Elder and Sister Shrope with Elder and Sister Ford

Sister Jill and President D. Allen Andersen

Carol, Super Sarah (Sarantsetseg), and Richard

President Odgerel

Batbold (Distribution)

Richard and Baagii

Elder Richard and Sister Anderson

Sister Od-Erdene and Sister Oreentoya

 Buum Erdene

Sister Mary Jane and Elder Raymond Anderson

Zoloo and Lavkaa (Lkhagvadulam)


Bilgee/Erdenebileg Purevsuren

Carol, Munkhtsetseg Magvandorj, Munkhbayar, and Richard

Baatar (driver for senior couples English assignments and shopping)

Sister Melba and Elder Mike Caldwell



Bishop Enkhbold and Soyolmaa

Soyolmaa (Service Center Manager)

Ganbold (Physical Facilities)

Elder Don and Sister Kathy Carter

President Munkhsukh (Khailaast Branch President and guard)

Carol and Sister Gantsolomon (Tsoggie)

Azzaya, Azzaya's daughter, and Nara (Ukraine)

Family in Khailaast Branch who was baptized

Batbaatar (Bayanzurkh Water Transportation engineer) and Richard

Sister Mecham, Pugee, President Kris Mecham

Eggii, Gantsolmon, Carol and Richard

Richard and Carol Lasson, and Sister Pat and President Jay D Clark

Lassons, Clarks, Fords, Eliasons, Powells visiting the Parliament Building

Elder Wesley and Sister Joan Stevens

Caldwells, Elliasons, Mechams, Lassons, Powells, Clarks

President Altansukh and daughter Zoloo, Richard and Carol

Sister Annette and Dr. Clair Eliason and Carol and Richard

Batbold, Carol and Richard, Onon (friends and well monitors)

Byambadorj and Richard

The Naranbat family at the Hong Kong Temple
back:  Batgal, Bathuyag, NaranbatBatdulm, Munkhdorj (Moogie--Battsetseg's husband)
front:  Bat-Erdene, Altantsetseg, Batchimeg, and Battsetseg 
                                                  (We accompanied them to the temple)

Richard and Carol and Linda and Blaine Ford

Richard, Bayarsaikhan, and Carol

Richard and Elder Baskha (Basantogtogh from Khovd)

Bailgalmaa (Batbold's sister and one of our English students) and Richard and Carol Lasson

Battsetseg, Ching Khuslen and Munkhdorj (Moogie)
(Battsetseg was our 2nd translator assistant)

Back:  Elder Anderson, Dr. Eliason, President Clark, Elder Ford, Elder Wilson, Elder Powell, Buya, Elder Wilson's companion; middle row:  Sister Anderson, Sister Eliason, Sister Clark,  Sister Ford, Sister Powell, Elder Lasson, President Batbold; front row: Soyolmaa, Sister and Elder Shrope, Sister Lasson; down front:  Battsetseg

Battumur (Azzaya's father) and Richard

Battumur, Azzaya (our 3rd translator/assistant) and her mom

Richard, Carol, Dr. Chimgee's step son, Dr. Chimgee and Dr. Buyandelger

President Alatansukh's daughter Zoloo and wife Dulgersuren

President Batbold and his wife

President Altansukh and Richard

President Altansukh's daughter Zoloo and his wife Dulgersuren, President Altansukh, and Richard and Carol

Chintuya Otgonsuren (our first translator/assistant)

President Lasson, President Clark, Elder Ford, President Batbold,  Elder Ford
Mongolia Mission Presidency

Batdorj (Paralympics) and Richard

Elder and Sister Ford, Elder and Sister Clark, Sister and Elder Shrope, Sister and Elder Lsson

Azzaya (our 3rd translator/assistant) and Batkhand (our 4th translator/assistant) 

Carol and Enkhjargal

President Nassanbold (center front), his mother-in-law (left front), his wife (standing left), missionaries and Carol and Richard (right)

Dejee and Pujee

Bailgamaa's family (she is center back)

Octgonbayar (left), son, Enkhjargal, and Bayarsaikhan from Khailaast ward, who live in a perfect ger high on a hill overlooking the Chingeltei Chapel

Ganbold ("Teddy Bear") and Pugii (Parliamant)


Carol, Myra (from Jargalant Sum), and Richard

Batmunkh (guard)

Sister Buted (served on choir festival committee)

Gantugs (guard)

Khailaast Relief Society and YW

Azbayar and Bat Ulzii (Church members and head of National Anti-Drug Center)

Carol and Oryunbilig (who sewed the cross stitch of Mongolian children)

Khailaast Branch Choir

Khailaast Branch

Choijiljansen (truck driver for wheelchairs)

Sansaraa, Carol and Nancy Hughes (neonatal specialist)

Bayarsaikhan and Enkhjargal

William and Cathy Clark

Carol, Richard, President Tserenbat, Batkhand, and Azzaya

President Altansukh and his grandson

We love being back in Utah and home with our friends and family, but we miss our friends in Mongolia.  We don't know what the future will hold for us, but regardless of what lies ahead, we will forever be grateful for the the time we spent Making Memories in Mongolia.

.S. Thank you to all of you who have followed our blog!