Monday, March 30, 2009

Mongolia Contacts Are Flowing In!

It seems like everyone we talk to knows  someone who is either from Mongolia or has been to Mongolia or has some advice to sell us about going there!

For example, Dian Glenn's cousin (I think) went to Mongolia on a mission and was told to pack a warm sleeping, some long Johns, and a cook stove.

Karie told us about a Alice Sears, who is doing an internship at Vineyard Elementary in Orem where Karie teaches.  Karie discovered that Alice is the daughter of President and Sister Anderson.  He is currently the mission president in Mongolia and we will be working closely with them. 

Doris Jorgenson's son-in-law travels to Mongolia frequently.

My sister Julie told us about her friends whose brother and wife, the Soderbergs, just returned from Mongolia three months ago.  We are going to meet with them tomorrow night and hear all they have to tell us and see a PowerPoint about Mongolia

One of Mom's Draper friends, Sylvia Swain, went on a couple mission to the Philippines and has great suggestions for us.

I talked to a lady in the temple who has some tips for me. 

The following is from an e-mail  Richard sent to Sister Anderson in Mongolia:  
We are so excited to come to Mongolia and serve the Mongolian people.  What you said about meeting people with "Mongolian connections" is so true.  Everywhere we go we learn about someone who is in Mongolia or has served in Mongolia.  I'm sure the Lord is directing us to these people.  We've only had our call for 1 1/2 weeks and we have so many contacts.  

For example, Steve and Joann Soderberg, who have been home only 3 months are coming to our house for dinner tomorrow night to share their experiences and information.  We were put in contact them through Carol's sister Julie.  The Soderbergs know all the people we will be working with.  

Tonight we just got off the phone with Lorin and Medora Nelson, who live in St. George, Utah and served in Mongolia as welfare country directors for two years.  We were put in contact with them through our daughter Heather who lives in St. George. [Note:  Nelson's niece went to Zions National Park with Heather's family last week and she was really excited to tell Heather that her Aunt and Uncle went to Mongolia.] You probably know them as they returned home in November of 2007.  We will be meeting with them on May 1st.  

Then there is the contact with our daughters, Alice and Karie, at Vineyard Elementary--truly amazing!

I also received a call from Mike Nolan a couple of days ago and spoke with him for over an hour.  I took 8 pages of notes.
Carol and I are anxious to meet you and work with you and all the others there.  There have been wonderful articles in the Church News about the country-wide youth conference and the big humanitarian project the Relief Society and Young Women had.  We are thrilled with our call and look forward to hearing more from you and others.

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  1. This is amazing! You are truly being directed to these people. By the time you get to Mongolia it won't even seem foreign anymore, you will already to so familiar with everything!