Monday, March 30, 2009

Mongolian Family Home Evening

We spent this evening with Sharlene and Brandon's family for a special Mongolian Family Home Evening.  After a lovely meal prepared by Sharlene, Austin treated us to a special report he wrote about Mongolia--complete with a map, flag, and lots of information.  Sharlene then showed us a PowerPoint of some pictures of Mongolia.  Austin taught us about one of the highlights of Mongolian life today  which is the summer Naadam Festival.  This National Public Holiday combines three major traditional sports:  archery, wrestling, and horse racing. After the report and PowerPoint, we held our own Naadam Festival which included:  riding horses, archery, and wrestling.  Of course they were modified a little since our resources and environment are a little different that those in Mongolia.


  1. That's so cute! I'll have to see if Austin would share his presentation with us sometime! Fun!

  2. How fun!! Austin is such a smart kid! We are all learning so much about Mongolia!