Sunday, March 22, 2009

Let's Go to the Party

We heard a conversion story about a young student and her friend in Mongolia.  They had very little to eat and every Sunday they would see a group of nicely-dressed people chattering to each other and walking happily down the street.  The young student and her friend thought the group must be going to a party, and if they were going to a party, they were probably going to have food, so they decided to follow the group.

The girls followed the group into an LDS chapel.  The meeting happened to be fast and testimony meeting.  The young students sat quietly at the back not wanting to draw any attention to themselves.  As the meeting progressed, members of the branch stood one by one and bore testimonies of Jesus Christ, the prophet Joseph Smith, and the gospel.  The girls felt the Spirit and wanted to know more.  When the meeting was over, they approached the missionaries who looked like they were in charge.  The interested girls asked the missionaries if one of them was Jesus Christ.  The missionaries responded, "No, but we teach about him."  The girls then asked the missionaries if one of them was Joseph Smith.  The missionaries responded, "No, but we teach about him."  The girls then asked how much it would cost for them to be taught more about Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith.  When the missionaries told the girls they would teach them for free,  the girls were delighted.  Before long they had taken the lessons, accepted the message, and joined the Church--all because they hungered for more than food.  (Anyone who knows more details, please comment.)


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  2. Wow! What a great missionary story! Thanks for sharing it! I'm sure you will have many more stories to share with us as you serve in Mongolia! How exciting!! xoxo

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