Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ten Tribes?

As I stepped onto the elevator in the Church Office Building, a gentleman in a wheel chair called for me to hold the door for him.  Thanking me as he wheeled onto the elevator, he asked me if I'd had a good week.  I excitedly told him my husband and I had just received a mission call to Mongolia.  A light went on in his face.  Then he told me that in a talk he had heard, a general authority had said that through the lineage pronounced in patriarchal blessings, all of the ten tribes are represented in Mongolia.  As we reached his floor and he wheeled off the elevator, he left me alone to ponder his words.


  1. http://ldsdoctrine.blogspot.com/2006/11/lost-found-isreals-10-tribes.html
    LDS Doctrine--unofficial and unauthoritative.
    "There have been, over the years, dozens of wild theories about the whereabouts of the 10 tribes of Isreal. Now, there is no longer any need for speculation because the lost 10 tribes are are no longer lost. The Bible teaches that the God will “sprinkle many nations” with the Blood of Abraham (Isa. 52: 15). However, because of the LDS patriarchal blessing, you will find LDS members of the church with all 10 tribes lineage in Armenia, Siberia, Mongolia, and Southeast Asia. A scholarly article which discusses this topic can found at FAIR LDS website or at http://cumorah.com/12tribes.html.

    Another article by David Stewart MD addresses the significance of new DNA research of native americans and the Book of Mormon also discusses modern LDS patriarchal blessings. This article is available at FARMS and FAIRLDS websites. An excerpt reads:

    “I had confirmed from missionaries and members that modern patriarchal blessings have identified members of all the tribes of Israel in Mongolia—a greater number than I am aware ofbeing found in any other country to date. These blessings were givenindependently by Latter-day Saint patriarchs in stakes throughout the world where ethnic Mongolian missionaries served, as Mongolia had no stakes or patriarchs at the time. More recently, a similar phenomenon has been reported from Siberia. A recently returned missionary from the Russia Novosibirsk Mission wrote: “While there, I had the unique opportunity to be present for the coming of twoAmerican patriarchs who delivered the first-ever patriarchal blessings to Siberian Saints on two separate occasions. What turned up was a staggering number of representatives from every single tribe in the relatively few blessings given.”
    http://www.fairlds.org/FAIR_Conferences/2006_DNA_and_the_Book_of_Mormon.html" Note: I report; you decide!

  2. Wow, that's fascinating, especially considering how few Saints there are in Mongolia compared to other countries.

  3. I don't know if this is true, but it is food for thought.