Monday, May 4, 2009

Some Great Advice

We had a great visit with Brother and Sister Soderberg (pictured here) who were over Employment for the Church in Mongolia.  They showed us some terrific photographs and had some really good advice for us.  

We also met with Brother and Sister Boren who served as Humanitarian missionaries before the Clarks who are serving there now.  They had the missionaries over to their apartment a lot and they had some wonderful advice for us, too. 

Lorin and Medora Nelson, delightful people who live in St. George, Utah and served in Mongolia as Humanitarian country directors before the Borens, were in Salt Lake and came to our home to visit with us.  They loved their mission to Mongolia and gave us some really great insights. Probably the best advice we received from them was, "Get to know the people" and "follow the Spirit."  That hit me as really great advice.

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