Monday, May 4, 2009

My Heart Was Pounding . . .

Today, before Relief Society in my home ward, I was asked to give the closing prayer at the conclusion of Relief Society.  As the meeting came to an end, I suddenly found myself thinking I should give part of the prayer in Mongolian.  I thought if I could do it here among friends, I might dare to try it in Mongolia.  I was shaking and my heart was pounding really hard as I stood up to pray.  I told the ladies that I was going to try to give some of the prayer in Mongolian and asked them to bear with me.  I started in Mongolian and then put some English words in when I didn't know the Mongolian words.  I did some Monglish and some Mongolian.  I was still shaking when it was over, and even though I know I made some mistakes, it went better than I expected.  Who knows, maybe I'll dare say a prayer sometime in Mongolia.

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  1. Hi Carol. I am proud of you. You will be a great Mongolian missionary with your special companion, Richard. I love you both. Mom