Monday, October 26, 2009

Wheelchair Ceremony for Special Needs Children

October 18, 2009

On Friday, we attended a wheelchair ceremony sponsored by the Red Cross at a school for special needs children.  One young man’s body twisted and writhed as he was put into his wheelchair.  I leaned over to his contortion-twisted body and he whispered a distinct and heartfelt, “Thank you.”  As another child was lifted into her wheelchair, her body tensed rigid with excitement or fear and her mother and teachers were unable to get her to relax into her chair.  Maybe her body will cooperate another day.  My heart swelled with gratitude for this wheelchair project as child after child was placed in their wheelchairs.  The head schoolmaster told us that before today most of these children have been carried to school on the backs of their parents.  I’m sure it will be a relief to many of them to have a wheelchair to help ease their burdens. 

From there, we went to The Children’s Palace and viewed a display of teaching objects for blind students.  A few years ago, DIC did a white cane project for the blind.  That’s probably why we were invited.

We couldn’t stay very long, because we were also invited to Acer Computer’s launching of a new lightweight laptop, which has a long battery life.  The Ulaanbaatar East District President Tserennynam, who works for Acer, invited us.  It was pretty interesting to see how special guests were treated, seats marked, a press conference held, and special refreshments served while guests mingled with dignitaries.  During that time, we met the manager of Acer in Mongolia. He was interested in our Humanitarian projects and said he would like to talk to us sometime about our work.


  1. hello lassons! so good to see you having such a memorable mission already! Bev and I visited Verda on Saturday...she is remarkable (as youboth know) and we adore her and pray forher through her challenges. She was making soup for Heather's family? when we got there, then Heather came and we met two of your adorable grands! We pray for you both and the work you are doing isamazing...
    we have two MOngolian sisters in our byu ward who just sent boxes of clothing over there from a service project our ward had. THey are incredible young women and so loving and giving.
    God bless you both in your wonderful service! XOXO Debi & MIke

  2. Hi Carol and Richard, I noticed Debi's comments and must add a note. It was delightful to see both Bev and Debi. Then we went to your home, where Lynette had everything in top shape. Only she wasn't home. Sharlene had planned to meet Heather and I there to get a view of baby Allie Cloe. she is just a darling and we enjoyed a lovely evening with your beautiful daughters and grandchildren. Lynette soon arrived home and it was fun to be with all of them. Bo and Angie had their little Jackson Byron Mendenhall blessed yesterday. Another momentous occasion. What great experiences you are having. I love you both. MOM Grandma VERDA