Monday, November 2, 2009

Skype--A Great Way to Meet a New Grandbaby!

The most exciting thing of the week happened shortly after we woke up yesterday morning.  Richard turned on his computer and almost immediately, like fishing in a well-stocked fishing pond, we caught a call on Skype.  It was Sharlene and Brandon calling from the LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City and Sharlene was holding their brand new baby girl, Allie Cloe Nielson!   She was only about 40 minutes old.  Here we are—far away in Mongolia--and yet we were a couple of the first people to know about the arrival of this new little baby!  Amazing, huh!  As Richard and I snapped Internet photos of this darling little girl and as we babbled about how cute she is, Sharlene said we looked like a couple of children with new Christmas presents.  Yes, Allie Cloe is darling!!!!!!!!  We are very grateful that we have access to the Internet and Skype so we could experience this wonderful event!

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